Artist Statement

Bathing is a comprehensive sensory experience concerned primarily with non-objective, unquantifiable, and unique sensations. The bathing experience is completely subjective, but can become something magnificent in which one always feels better than they did before. To bathe is to guiltlessly linger in one spot for more time than necessary. The mechanical world of objective time becomes extraneous; as if time stops while cleansing the body.

Perceptions of space and time are critical to our understanding of the world. Appreciation of a particular place is dependent not only upon our sensory interpretation of space, but also upon our awareness of the passage of time. I paint arches of architectural forms relating to bathing because both events relate to how space affects on the human body.

In my paintings, I want to experiment with painting water as a reflection of the density and energy of the environment it inhabits. Even though the water overcomes the body (to the point where eventually the water rather than the body becomes the subject matter) the water is still contained by the bathtub. The water is meant to be a poetic metaphor for the feeling rather than the literal experience. The tub as an arch can be read as either an architectural element, such as an arch in a church, or as just a bath tub. I meant for this interpretation to be left open and subjective.

Process is very important in the construction of my work. I work in a method that reflects my experience of the event, that is, to display a sense of suspension and osculation between two binary ideas. My paintings contain inherent dualities: a soft circular structure being contained within a box, paint describing space while simultaneously referencing the surface, energetic and calm marks existing side by side. The spaces that I represent move between the domestic and public spheres; I paint from pictures of architectural spaces (the public) as well as bathing portraits (the domestic). I hope to create poetic scenes in which there is osculation between the everyday and the spiritual, as well as the personal and universal. In my work I attempt capture what is thought of as intangible and invisible.


Jeannette Egan was born and raised in Edmonton Alberta. She is currently in her BFA at the University of Alberta specializing in painting and drawing, which she will be complete in France in the fall of 2009.

Jeannette works in various mediums including painting, sculpture and more recently photography. Her work also incorporates the concepts of movement, memory, beauty, poetry, ritual, and the affects of space on the human body. Her work has been exhibited in Alberta, the UK and China.

Currently she teaches art classes at the City Arts Centre, and as well as volunteering for various things related to the arts in Edmonton.